Why a blog « Eveil à l’interculturalité »?


After many expectations, here’s my blog. Encouraged by my husband for a long time and persuaded by one of my brothers (who helped me with the video presentation) in the last period, I worked on the launch of this blog on young children and intercultural approach. Why this topic and why this title? In this first post I will answer these questions.

I am passionate about this topic for a couple of years, since we arrived in Paris, a place where I was particularly confronted by the interculturality. The previous experience with the Italian culture did not prepare me, as I thought, to the one that followed a few years later, in France. However, after more than two years of French culture immersion (Paris culture I would add, for it is different, they say, from the rest of the country), I consider myself as a successful survivor – a language regained and a great cultural richnessacquired.

From a professional and educational background point of view, the topic of interculturality and young children emerged since the first professional experiences in different cultural environments from my home culture. I work with children of different nationalities which gives me the opportunity to analyze intercultural situations in everyday life of young children. Moreover, the issues related to the education of children are always in the center of my analysis. The empirical study of young children conducted in a professional environment brought the theoretical study of intercultural situations, in studies in education sciences. Examples of these field studies and theoretical aspects will soon appear on the blog.

« Eveil » is a term used in French mostly when talking about young children. It hasn’t a perfect translation into other languages, but it is an awareness, awakening, opening to an activity in general, such as music, painting etc. »Eveil à l’interculturalité » is an expression that refers to the awareness toward interculturality, starting with the early age.

If you are interested in intercultural issues, cultural identity, mother tongue, cultural diversity and the education of children in the family and in educational settings, here is a blog that will provide information on these aspects. Do not hesitate to comment, any opinion or question is welcome!







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