Reflexivity and interculturality – Project for a scientific article


In the PhD studies in Education Sciences, I am preparing an article to be published in the journal « SpécifiCITéS » whose research focuses on institutions and mechanisms for social, educational and pedagogical intervention, in « sensitive fields », and on the crisis phenomena and trying to resolve these crises.

My text is entitled « Reflexivity and interculturality. Return to a field investigation called « sensitive » about Roma children in France.  » The paper proposes to address the issue of reflexive approach in relation to the intercultural research using a return on a field investigation called « sensitive ». The researcher’s position in relation to its field and her relations with the stakeholders will be analyzed in a reflexive manner. Based on concrete examples of an empirical research within the slums of Roma families in France, the study suggests that reflexivity can be exploited in the intercultural research.

After the reviews of my work by my professors and PhD colleagues, I will publish the key elements of this article.


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