The author

My name is Carmen C. Drãghici. I obtained my master’s degree from the Education Training Social Inclusion, University Paris 13-Sorbonne Paris Cite, of France in 2013. I am currently a Ph. D. student under the supervision of Prof. Pascale Garnier, in the research center EXPERICE. My research is centered on early childhood education and interculturality. I am a member of IMISCOE Research Initiative “Migrant youth and families and their intergenerational and everyday experiences”.

The personal intercultural experiences and the in-depth study of the social phenomena in intercultural situations increased my interest in this research field that I want to make it accessible to readers through various posts on this blog. Of Romanian origin, I feel as part of several cultures that have marked my life until now.

The PhD project thesis title is ”Integration of young children in the environment of the host country and appropriation of their home culture and language”. The aim of this research project is to analyze the interculturality, which integrates both the integration in the environment of the host country and the appropriation of the home culture and language of children of migrant families. I analyze the fusion of different cultural repertoires that meet in the daily life of the child, who lies on the border between two (or more) cultures. The best time to observe aspects of interculturality is during the early childhood, when the transition between family and school takes place, where changes occur in the social life of the child and where he or she would have to face a new language and culture. The research aims to show the interactions between children and adults (families and stakeholders) and between children, and it has as fieldwork the French preschool ecole maternelle. The child and his or her point of view are central aspect of this research. The linguistic diversity is very important and in this research the role of language in the socialization of the child is analyzed. I observe the day to day realities experienced by children who find themselves in intercultural situations in preschool. In this research, it is important to understand the aspects related to the quality of preschool education in relation to the approach of cultural diversity, aspects which operate on the learning and on the identity dynamics of the child.




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